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Yuval Mann

Experience the Most Advanced Sexual Education on the Planet

Hi, I’m Yuval Mann, and I invite you to discover ridiculous amounts of pleasure, epic sexual experiences, and conscious, satisfying intimacy in your relationships.

I founded the Sensual Alchemy (™) School Of Integrated Sexuality for you to not only take your sex life to the next level but transform every area of your life, purpose, and well-being.

I see a world in which people conduct themselves sexually and intimately with each other in a way that’s open, honest, and empowering to all.

My Commitment to You

I’ve spent a decade of research, exploration, learning, and personal experience to create the highest level of teachings possible.

I guarantee that all of my training are powerfully effective and that every program will not only change your sex life...
But you’ll also experience more connection, satisfaction, abundance and well-being.

Unlike most of teachings out there, my approach is for everyone - an eye-level, rational and science based approach to next level sexuality.

Discover one of our online programs for men and women below.

Video Courses For Men

Sensual Alchemy Masterclass

The Sensual Alchemy Course

This is Yuval's flagship course's full version. Over 12 hours of content including uncensored live demonstrations that'll help you become an epic lover in and out of the bedroom.

If you know in the depth of your being that it's time for you to step up how you show up with women and completely transform your life, this course is for you.


The Gift Of Ravishing

This is a taste out of Yuval's full version sensual alchemy course above. Over 5 hours of live demonstrations that'll teach how to take your woman from zero to a mindblowing multiorgasmic squirting experience she'll never forget.

All with uncensored live demonstrations of real-life partners so everything is crystal clear and you can start applying today.


Video Courses For Women

Sensual Alchemy Masterclass


Video Course For WOMEN

Awaken your sexual powers by breaking free of old conditioning, guilt, shame, and insecurities to experience epic levels of passionate, connected intimacy.

Access powerful practical exercises of self-love and acceptance as well as powerful techniques that will blow your men’s mind in and out of the bedroom.

Sensual Alchemy Mentoring

Let us be accountable for your success.

Deep Dive
Personal Mentoring

Yuval Mann

Be personally mentored by Yuval on a transformative journey to:

Get rid of performance issues, last as long as you desire, and 10x your satisfaction and pleasure levels.

Gain unshakeable confidence in and out of the bedroom. Attract and connect with quality women effortlessly and authentically.

Create a life of pure ecstasy, abundance and joy.


Get FREE access to the Video Course For Men when joining this program.

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Personal Mentoring

Be personally mentored by our Sexual Embodiment Coach Elsa Dou and me.

Yuval MannElsa Douillard

Let us guide you on an epic journey to:

Breaking free from shame, guilt and insecurities, unleash the sex-goddess queen that you are and experience the pleasure you deserve.

Connect to your body and own your pleasure unapologetically. Find, maintain, and keep loving, meaningful, deep connections with the men in your life.

Create a life of pure ecstasy, abundance and joy.


Get FREE access to the Video Course For Women when joining this program.

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